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About us

Two young women from Berlin - a vision.

The idea of our magnetic eyelashes was born out of a personal need:

Cathi had eyelash extensions done for 7 months in a well-known and expensive beauty salon in Berlin. In the beginning it was simply very nice not to have to put on make-up every morning. But little by little I noticed the disadvantages... The result was perfect for 3 days, but then I was just waiting for the next refill. In my opinion, eyelash extensions are best on the 4th, 5th and 6th day after refilling. But why only 3 days of being absolutely satisfied (for this price, which I pay every month)? ... When you can have beautiful eyelashes every day without any changes and at the same time have days when you don't feel like perfection. Just be yourself, rub your eyes without hesitation, wash your face including your eyes thoroughly, use oily creams, wear mascara, eyelid line and eye shadow ... all this was not possible with extensions.

After the filling I had irritated and inflamed eyes, the chemical vapors of the glue did not do any good to my eyes and obviously also to my own eyelashes. When I decided to let the eyelash extensions grow out, I was shocked by the result: my own eyelashes, at least the ones that were still there, were only small stumps, all but the last eyelashes were broken off and some of them fell out completely. I did not dare to leave the house anymore. Luckily, Billie and I had been working on the implementation of our magnetic eyelashes ourselves during that time, and they saved me! :D

Today my own eyelashes grow in a completely different way than before my eyelash extension. It seems that the glue had also affected the roots of my lashes and had damaged them.

I meet women who also have concerns about having eyelash extensions done, but at least they want to try it. I can only tell you, you get into a vicious circle: not only do you not want to miss the lashes anymore because you don't feel so beautiful without the extensions, you also want more and more volume and more and more length. I don't want to have extensions 24/7, I want to stay flexible.

Billie liked to apply lashes on weekends or on special occasions.

I have felt this a thousand times before, but never really got the hang of it. I had to correct and reapply the lashes over and over again. Sometimes I was so desperate that I didn't even want to wear them anymore, but it was too late for that, because my whole eye was already covered in glue, and I would have had to do my complete eye make-up again.

But somehow you could always see the glue and the eyelashes came off after a few hours of dancing or sweating at the latest. I did not have a secure wearing feeling!

In addition to the whole struggle I always had concerns about the glue. My eyes always itched a bit or were irritated the next day.

One thing that has always bothered me about mascara is that it quickly smears and crumbles. Now it is also true that I never used only one mascara, but 2-3 different ones, so that my eyelashes got a nice curl. I was always the one who took the longest to apply make-up, even though my make-up is very light...

I would like a faster and above all a healthier alternative for beautiful eyelashes.

MAGLashes was the solution for us and has become an alternative for many more women.

No glue, no chemicals... just the attraction of two magnets.

We are from Berlin and we put our heart and soul into the whole thing.

If you have any questions, please have a look at our highlight stories on Instagram or write us, we will find a solution. We look forward to your visit on our Instagram or Facebook page.
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Your Billie and Catherina ♥