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Application & Care




How do you attach your MAGLashes perfectly and how do you take best care of them?

On this page you will find all the information you need about wearing your MAGLashes :) 

 You are just looking for the perfect variant or lash line length?

Step 1

You just got your MAGLashes fresh out of the box? Then the cotton band is still a bit stiff. Therefore, bend the lashes into shape before wearing them.

Over time the band becomes softer and softer and the lashes adapt perfectly to the shape of your eyes - just like your new favorite shoe that needs to be worn in :)

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Step 2

Grab one of the MiniMAGs by the eyelashes with the tweezers. The magnet should point upwards. 

If you use magnetic tweezers, the MiniMAGs may be attracted and stick to the tweezers. You can avoid this by gripping the MiniMAGs in the middle of the eyelashes. Or you can use our non-magnetic tweezers, you can find them here in our shop.

Step 3

While you hold the MiniMAG with the tweezers in one hand, you hold one of the long lash lines in the other hand. Whether the eyelash line is for your right or left eye, you can tell by the natural course of the lashes - they get longer from the inner to the outer side. 

We always start with the application on the outside, which is why we grab the eyelash line above the outer magnet. This way you can place the MiniMAG firmly and safely in the next step. 

Step 4

Place the lashes on the outer end of your eyelash line and hold it there. Make sure that the lashes are as close as possible to your eyelid. 

Now carefully guide the MiniMAG from below to the lashes until the two magnets attract each other.

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Step 5

Using the tweezers, grasp the second MiniMAG. Take the front part of the eyelash between thumb and index finger and place it along the lash line on the inner side of your eye. Don't be afraid to pull the lash band a bit. 

Now carefully pull the MiniMAG from below until the two magnets attract each other. Again, the lashes should be as close as possible to the edge of the eyelash line. 

Your own lashes should be like the inside of a sandwich :)

Step 6

To protect your own eyelashes, you should NOT remove the MAGLashes simply by pulling them forward!

To remove them, simply push the two magnets gently in opposite directions between your thumb and forefinger.

Step 7

To protect your MAGLashes from dust, dirt and possibly small children or even pets, it is best to keep them in the box at all times.

To keep the round, worn-in shape, you can also put the lashes back into the box slightly bent. 

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In order to apply your MAGLashes perfectly, you need to try a few things at first.

Practice makes perfect: the application will get easier every day and you will find your own technique. 

It just won't work? Maybe the eyelash line length does not fit perfectly, or your own eyelashes need some extra help.
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You can wear your MAGLashes every day without hesitation. To keep them looking their best even after weeks and months of use, all you need is a very gentle care. In any case: careful and delicate :)

Of course, you can also use other cosmetic products like eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara in addition to the MAGLashes.

If you want to enhance the effect of the MAGLashes or if you simply need to give your own lashes a little stability, you can put some mascara onto your own lashes before applying the MAGLashes. After using additional cosmetic products, you should carefully clean the MAGLashes with a slightly moistened cotton swab from time to time and depending on the version. You can use lukewarm water, make-up remover or skin-friendly disinfectant.

(Attention: clean vegan variants very carefully and only if necessary, use diluted cleaning agent).

It is important to make sure that the eyelashes do not get too wet (when cleaned), because then the braided lashes could come off the cotton eyelash line.

Please always be careful, gentle and sparse in handling and taking care of them :)

It is best to store your MAGLashes in a cool and dry place in the box. Moisture and heat could cause the structure of the lashes to change. Already happened? Here you will find tips.