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Cooperation request

Advertising based on sincere conviction.

You are enthusiastic about MAGLashes and everyone should know about them?
You recommend us passionately to your friends and followers?

We are happy about your support! Thanks to you, we can always expand MAGLashes and develop new variants, so that we can soon be the perfect alternative to mascara, lash lifting and co. for EVERY woman. 

As a thank you, we offer various cooperation models, such as sending free packs or a monthly payment. If you are not commercially interested, and you do it as a pure hobby and don't want to offer anything in return, but only a discount code to your followers, this is of course also possible :)

But what the models all have in common is the following:
We always expect you to buy the first package yourself!

Why we do this?

Because nowadays free products are less and less appreciated and end up in the corner unused. And especially MAGLashes have to be tested and tried until you understand how to use them, and the result looks great as expected.

We are not a lipstick where the application is clear - you need some patience and practice; you should be aware of that. The effort will be worth it and will more than pay off!

Another reason for our requirement is that you recommend MAGLashes out of genuine conviction and not purely for financial reasons; this is also authentic to your fans and friends. It makes less sense for us to advertise magnetic eyelashes if you wear eyelash extensions or adhesive eyelashes at the same time or even advertise them at the same time.

For us authentic advertising is the most important thing! It doesn't matter how many thousands of followers you have, if you are honestly convinced and stand by us and the product.
We prefer a long-term cooperation, because if you are honestly convinced, you wear the MAGs outside of a post or story, not necessarily every day, but relatively regularly. 

What else we would like for a cooperation:

♥ you should at least follow us on Instagram
♥ you link us on your posts and stories (so we can repost)
♥ at the last post where you can be seen, the MAGLashes should be worn (otherwise the advertisement appears illegitimate).

What do you think?

You can write to us and tell us your story. Why do you want to cooperate with MAGLashes? Why exactly should we cooperate with YOU? Let's grow together and build something great together!

Cooperation request
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We will contact you as soon as possible and wish you a wonderful day until then :)

Attention: due to the many requests for cooperation there are currently longer waiting times