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Questions and answers

1. How expensive are MAGLashes?

The variants cost between 25€ and 40€. Click here to go to the SHOP.

2. Do you deliver to my country?

We deliver to Austria, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Canada, etc. You can choose your delivery country in the order process.
If you want us to deliver to Switzerland or Liechtenstein, please visit our Swiss online store at
If you have any questions, please contact us via the contact form.

ATTENTION: Non-EU countries have to pay import sales tax and possibly even customs duty if the value of the goods exceeds certain values. You can find more information here.

3 Where can I find the contact form?

You can find it here.

4. How often can I wear the MAGLashes and how long does a pair last?

You can wear your MAGs every day.

Depending on how you handle them, they can last up to 6 months. The genuine hair models last 2-4 months on average with very good care. The vegan models last an average of 1-3 months with very good care. The very first pair of MAGLashes usually doesn't last too long, because they are stressed by all the practice. The MiniMAGs are small wearing parts, which can break down more quickly if you use them regularly. In this case you can always order MiniMAGs spare parts in our shop.

5. Will the magnets damage my eye?


So far, we have only read positive or neutral reports about the effects of magnets on the body. We wear our MAGLashes for more than 2 years and our eyes are fine :)

6. Do the magnets damage my natural eyelashes?

If you use the MAGLashes correctly, and especially if you remove them correctly, they are a very gentle alternative for your lashes.

We have been wearing our MAGLashes daily for more than 2 years and our natural lashes are doing very well, sometimes better than before

7. Can I go to bed with the MAGLashes?

They are not intended for that.

You take them off before going to bed and put them on again in the morning. We've fallen asleep with them before and nothing happened, but you could lie on them and they could bend, or you could lose a MiniMAG. In the worst case you could rub an eyelash or MiniMAG in your eye while sleeping, so we do not recommend it!

8. Can the MAGLashes withstand strong wind?

If they are attached correctly, they can really withstand a lot.

You can find more endurance tests in our highlights on Instagram (LINK Insta?). In a hurricane they might fly away, but you might fly right along with them.

9. Can I wear the MAGLashes on vacation?

Of course :)

You can wear them at the pool, in the sea and also in the snow. Your MAGLashes should NOT get too wet, a few drops of water won't do them any harm, but too much moisture - combined with intense heat - could affect the structure of the MAGLashes. Therefore, wear them only over water, NOT while diving and also NOT during too "splashy" water sports activities. They have been with us many holidays, a great time saver and a beautiful eye catcher every day.

10. Can I wear the MAGLashes during sports?


We wear them ourselves without any problems during sports (fitness, running, cycling, boxing, etc.). If you do martial arts, please do not necessarily wear them, because the risk of injury is too high. If you sweat a lot after your sports session, we recommend cleaning the lashes gently and to disinfect them a little bit if necessary. The vegan versions are a bit more sensitive, so please check our care tips.

11. Which is your most natural model?

Currently Nude and Berry are our most natural and shortest models, respectively.

But it is difficult to say what is most natural/best on YOU. Have a look at our variant finder and find your perfect MAGLashes.

12. Which is the most dramatic model?

BLACK is our longest and fullest version.

You can find your perfect variant in our variant finder.

13. Are the MAGLashes also suitable for people who wear glasses, which version can I wear?

The problem could be that MAGLashes that are too long can reach the lenses.

It all depends on how close you wear your glasses to your eye. Theoretically, people who wear glasses could wear any model. NUDE and BERRY fit any wearer of glasses so far, as these are currently the shortest MAGLashes available. HONEY also fits almost everyone with glasses (in 9 out of 10 cases). Contact lens wearers can of course wear MAGLashes without any problems.

14. Are you planning to add more MAGLashes variants?

We regularly plan new variants for you :)

We are always guided by your wishes and ideas. On Instagram we always keep you up to date <3

15. Are MAGLashes vegan?

BERRY, NUDE and COCO are currently our vegan varieties.

16. Do you have a shop/store where I can try and buy the MAGLashes?

Yes, we are looking forward to your visit in Berlin.

Krumme Straße 63
10627 Berlin.

17. What does Cat eye - Style mean?

Here the lashes run significantly longer from the inside to the outside.

Cat eye, i.e. "cat's eye", emphasizes the outer corner of the eye by the longer eyelashes; this style looks a bit more playful :) HONEY and BERRY for example have such a Cat eye look.

18. What does Doll eye - Style mean?

Here all lashes are relatively evenly long from the inside to the outside.

The lashes are only slightly shorter on the inside to guarantee a natural flow. BEAUTY and BEAUTY N2 for example have such a doll eye look.

19. Does the magnet contain nickel?

No, only iron.

20. How do MAGLashes work?

They only work with magnets; you don't need any glue.

Your own eyelashes are enclosed by two magnets in two places (sandwich principle). You can find detailed instructions and further information in our Story Highlights on Instagram, and on the topic of "Application".

21. Can I or should I additionally apply mascara to my natural eyelashes?

You can, but you don't have to. 

Our goal was to wear nothing but MAGLashes on our lashes. But if you want to, you can apply mascara to your lashes BEFORE you apply the MAGs. Some people do this to 1. have an even fuller result, 2. to stabilize their lashes (if their own are still a bit too weak) or 3. to "tint" their own (fair) lashes a bit. We don't recommend too much mascara, because your own lashes will be too stiff. You should also clean your MAGLashes if necessary and remove any mascara residue.

22. How do I care for and clean my MAGLashes?

You can find instructions and several tips here. In our highlights on Instagram you will also find many tips.

23. Can I shorten my MAGLashes myself?

We do not recommend it.

If you shorten the length of your MAGLashes yourself, i.e. cut them off with scissors, the fine tips of the lashes will be dulled, and the result will not be as beautiful. You can't shorten the eyelash line either, because the magnet is attached to the outer ends. This is how you find the perfect length for your lashes.

24. Why don't my MAGLashes last as long as others do?

We can't say how long your MAGs will last.

First of all, we report OUR experiences and your feedback. Our very first MAGLashes lasted 5.5 months (Billie) and 9 months (Cathi). This is what we were able to report as our first reference. According to your feedback, the genuine hair models last 2-4 months on average, depending on how they are used and cared for. The vegan models last 1-3 months on average, depending on good handling and care. (tips for care).

25. Why do my MAGLashes lose lashes early or are otherwise defective? What can I do better?

A) Is only one eyelash affected?

Did you have to practice more with the side of the lashes and did this put more strain on them?
Did you fall asleep with your MAGs on your side?
Did you clean them incorrectly/too wet/too rough/too often?
Do you pull the MAGs (in the middle) by the eyelashes out of the box?
The eyelashes are braided into the cotton band. You may have loosened the individual lashes by too rough handling, softened tape etc.

B) Is only one spot (middle/end) affected?


If you used to grab your MAGs by the lashes themselves in order to take them out of the box... we recommend from now on to grab them at the side of the tape and remove them carefully.

When you bend your MAGs into shape, make sure that you bend them carefully into a round shape and DO NOT bend them in the middle.


The ends are often strained when removing the MAGs in a " not ideal " way. Especially by fumbling around to release the MiniMAGs from the main lashes. Here please push both magnets away from each other gently as instructed.

C) Vegan models do not last as long as other models

They are more sensitive than the other models because they are synthetic and have a narrower eyelash line.

You have to be super gentle with them and ALWAYS be more careful when cleaning them. It is best to clean them only when necessary and to care for them only with diluted disinfectant or similar.

D) I am already a MAG-Pro and only the current pair causes me problems

Did you do anything different than usual?
Do you use hair spray or fixing spray?
Both are more aggressive for the MAGs than you might think, it's best to use only BEFORE applying the MAGs.
Apart from that we can only say that every lash is handmade, which of course doesn't always exclude minor mistakes on our part.
However, we thank you for every exchange and for stating your reasons <3
Do's and Don'ts can be found here.

26. Why do I have a gap between my eyelashes and the MAGLashes?

If your MAGLashes are brand new, the lash band is still quite stiff.

By "bending" and applying the lashes several times, the band becomes softer/flexible and can adapt perfectly to the shape of your eyes.

27. Why do the MAGLashes not have a 3rd magnet in the middle of the band?

A third magnet is additional weight for your own eyelashes, which is a greater burden that is easily underestimated.

Unfortunately, a third magnet doesn't look as great as you might think, because between the magnets the band curves upwards at two points. Moreover, a magnet in the middle cannot adapt to your individual eye shape. If you insert and apply your MAGLashes correctly, the 2 magnets are completely sufficient and allow the lashes to adapt.

28. Can I use normal (magnetic) tweezers? Where can I get non-magnetic tweezers?

We only use normal (magnetic) tweezers.

If you grab the MiniMAGs in the middle or rather on the outside of the tips, it works quite well. In the beginning it might be a little bit heavier and the MiniMAG will stick to the tweezers, but with a little practice and patience you will get the hang of it :) If you still prefer to use non-magnetic tweezers, you can get plastic tweezers at the drugstore, the pharmacy or online. You can find our plastic tweezers here.

29. How fast are your delivery times?

Usually 2-3 working days within Germany.

3-10 working days for international shipping.

We ship after receipt of money. Due to public holidays deliveries may be delayed, partly depending on DHL and Deutsche Post.

30. Will I receive an order confirmation?

Yes, always automatically directly after your order.

If you do not have it in your mailbox, please check your spam folder first. If there is nothing in your spam folder, you might have entered a wrong email address. In this case you can contact us with your full name, and we will take care of it.

31. Do I get a shipping confirmation?

Yes. In your shipping confirmation email, you will also find a link for direct tracking.

32. How do I successfully enter a voucher code?

During the ordering process, before payment, you can enter your voucher code in the voucher field at the bottom.

In the voucher field itself, there is a pink arrow. If you click on it, you will redeem the voucher and the shopping cart price will update automatically.

33. Hello, I have a question about my order!

Please check all FAQs first, your question will surely be answered already.

If your question remains unanswered, please contact us with your full name, order number and a photo if available!

34. I have chosen advance payment as payment method or my PayPal payment did not work. How can I transfer the money?

In your order confirmation you will find our bank details. Otherwise you will receive an invoice a few minutes later (one working day later at the latest) by email with all important information.

When transferring money via bank account or PayPal, please always make sure that you include your order number and your name.

bank account details:
MAGLashes GmbH
IBAN: EN59 1004 0048 0384 7696 00
Commerzbank Berlin

35. Can I pre-order MAGLashes?


But we will keep you informed on Instagram whenever there are new supplies. We thank you for your understanding and for your patience <3

36. Can I re-order the MiniMAGs (small counter magnets) individually?

You can reorder a spare parts box with 8 MiniMAGs at any time.

37. When will you restock the MAGs?

We try to restock weekly, but sometimes we are not quite up to speed in production (manual work).

We will keep you up to date on Instagram. Thank you for the great demand and we will do our best to keep expanding production and getting even faster.

38. Can I exchange or return the lashes?

If you can avoid it from the beginning, we would be very grateful, because for us the MAGLashes are of course hygiene products. This means we throw all returns in the trash. Since this is a pity, we suggest asking a friend, sister or acquaintance first, if they would be happy about it :) Alternatively, you can offer your MAGs for trade or sale in our Facebook group "MAGLashes - Swap". Information about your right of withdrawal can be found here.

39. I am interested in a cooperation, who do I contact?

You are welcome to contact us via the contact form or via e-mail Please always include your institute name or your homepage. We are also interested in how you imagine a cooperation.

We are looking forward to your request :)

40. I would like to distribute the MAGLashes in my cosmetic studio/shop/etc. Who do I contact?

You are welcome to contact us via the contact form or by e-mail You can also link us to your website or your Instagram profile. We would also be interested to know what you have in mind as a purchase quantity.

We are looking forward to your message :)

41. How long can I file a claim for ordered goods?
We accept claims about defective or damaged goods up to 30 days after receipt of the goods. The eyelashes must not have been cut, dyed or otherwise damaged by you. Unfortunately, we cannot accept later complaints, because after such a period of time we can no longer trace how the goods were treated/stored and whether the goods really had a product defect at delivery. We therefore ask you to check the goods immediately after receipt and to contact us as soon as possible in case you encounter any problems :)