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MAGLashes vs eyelash extensions

Beautiful lashes everywhere - long, voluminous, thick and bold lashes are currently an absolute hype and will probably remain so for a long time to come.

Nowadays there is a beauty salon on every corner, at least here in Berlin, for Botox, permanent make-up or just for beautiful Eyelashes to Go. The demand is so great that the providers are always looking for helpers who are at least halfway suitable for it. By the way, a certified training is not necessary to be able to offer something like this. This means that there are more and more "skilled workers" who mess around and can cause considerable damage to your eyes. Just as everyone knows at least one friend or acquaintance in their circle who has eyelash extensions, almost everyone now knows one who has had less pleasant experiences with them.

Do you know somebody who has lost his own eyelashes or who has suffered even worse damage to his eye as a result? Have you perhaps read an article that warns you of this procedure or have you perhaps already had negative experiences yourself and are now looking for an alternative for a beautiful eyelash extension?

Eyelash Extensions

● Restrictions in everyday life

Touching the eye area should be avoided; rubbing or crying eyes endanger your extensions, washing them carefully is almost impossible. Sleeping with your face in a pillow is not recommended, because you will only lose more eyelashes.
Sunbathing, swimming and especially diving is also not recommended. In short: touching is generally not advised, and you should always have an eyelash brush at hand to straighten your lashes.

● Dependency

The result is best in the first days after refilling. You will usually lose a few eyelashes every day (when sleeping, washing your face, swimming etc.), so it is important to go for refills regularly (ideally every 3 weeks). If you can't keep your appointment, it will be difficult to get a new one in time - especially with the person you trust. But your eyelashes continue to fall out. You are depending on this appointment.

● Time

Time is often mentioned as an unbeatable argument for eyelash extensions. The initial treatment usually takes 2 hours. The filling up depends on the effort and usually takes 1.5 hours. You should repeat the filling at least every 3 weeks. In addition, there is the way to and from the beauty salon.

● Durability

Eyelash extensions last for a few weeks, depending on the strain and also depending on the hormonal condition (to be considered especially for pregnant women). Nevertheless, one inevitably loses the first eyelashes in the first days after filling. Many people like the result in the first 2 weeks and would prefer to have the fill-up, but often the budget does not allow this. More and more women also lose their own eyelashes through this procedure and therefore unfortunately feel forced to do the filling again and again in order not to suffer from the loss of their own eyelashes - a vicious circle.

● Health

There are more and more women who complain about skin irritation of the eye and the loss of their own eyelashes as a result of eyelash extensions. Also, from our own experience we can claim that eyelash extensions are a health hazard. Even if the eyelash glue is "skin-friendly", it is based on chemicals, which should be questioned because of the direct contact with the eye and should at least be considered carefully (after all, it should last for 3 weeks - the glue must be strong and long lasting). Pregnant women, because of their concerns, often look for an alternative to eyelash extension.

● Effect on your own eyelashes

The area around the eyes, especially the eye itself, is a very sensitive area that should always be treated with great care and attention. By applying the chemical eyelash glue directly to your own eyelashes, redness and general irritation, even swelling, can occur on the eyelid and around the entire eye area. Unfortunately, there is always a strong loss of one' s own eyelashes. For the affected women this is an enormous physical and especially psychological burden.

● Quality

Depending on the provider, the quality of the eyelash extensions can vary greatly. From the hygiene, the technique, the glue and the lashes to the employee - the result is different every time.

● Price

The average price for refilling is between 50€ and 120€. If you go regularly every 3 weeks over a year, you will spend 860€ in the best-case scenario.


♥ Restrictions in everyday life 

While you are wearing MAGLashes, you should also avoid rubbing your eyes too much. But if you do feel the need to, just take off your MAGLashes for a moment and reattach them afterwards. 

You can wash your eye area thoroughly, put your face on a pillow and dive under water if you want to - just remove your "make-up" :)

♥ Dependency

You can wear your MagLashes whenever you want and as often as you like. Every day, only on special days or even just for a few hours. They are there for you when you need them.

♥ Time

Admittedly, the first attempts will take a little longer. 

But once you get the hang of your MAGLashes, it will only take you a minute to attach them. 

♥ Durability

We can't yet estimate exactly how long your MAGLashes will last, but this much we can say: We've been wearing ours for 5 months now, every day!

♥ Health

The individual eyelashes are attached to a thin cotton band with a skin-friendly, high-quality adhesive, but there is no direct contact between the liquid adhesive and your own eyelid or lashes.

The magnets are completely harmless to your health. According to several studies, magnets even have pain-relieving and healing properties.

♥ Effect on your own eyelashes

The magnets give you a firm feeling, but they are just as strong as they need to be so that they do not harm your own eyelashes.

♥ Quality

For MAGLashes, carefully selected mink lashes are individually attached to the band by hand with a skin-friendly, waterproof adhesive. Whichever box you open - the quality is the same.

♥ Price

It doesn't matter what you pay for eyelash extensions - MAGLashes are definitely more affordable despite their exclusive quality!

MAGLashes can last up to 6 months with proper care. That would be two packs of 29.95€ each per year, for a total of almost 60€. How will you treat yourself with the 800€ you just saved? ;)