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Your perfect alternative

  • saves you valuable time in the morning & evening
  • be beautiful without harmful chemicals
  • Length, swing & volume in one product
  • the cheapest choice for beautiful lashes
  • handmade for you with the utmost care
  • made of the highest quality materials

The best combined in one product - your MAGLashes

A woman spends an average of 8 minutes a day putting mascara on her eyelashes.
If we assume that we put on make-up between the ages of 16 and 55, we waste 79 days, or in other words 113,880 minutes of our lives, just putting on mascara.
Not to mention the additional time we spend removing make-up...

I need a maximum of one minute in the morning for my MAGLashes.

So, Catherina spends only 9.8 days putting on her eyelashes.
You see where we're going with this, right?

All cosmetic products contain chemicals. Every day you expose your sensitive eyes to unknown and possibly harmful substances. Many underestimate the risk of daily make-up.
Eyelash glue is particularly aggressive and causes burning and itching or even loss of sight when it comes into direct contact with the eye - how important is your health to you?

If you want to be beautiful, you do not have to suffer!

MAGLashes are the perfect alternative for women for whom not only beautiful but also healthy eyes are important.

Just a quick trip to the drugstore.
How much time do you actually spend there? Probably much more than you would like to admit. We are literally flooded and paralyzed by the immense selection of cosmetic products.

"Do I use this mascara or that mascara? Have I made the right choice? Oh, a new limited edition! My mascara is no longer available? Density, definition, volume, swing or length? Preferably all at the same time! Eight different mascara brushes? How should I test them all? I just want beautiful lashes!"

The search for your perfect mascara will be endless...

MAGLashes will make these decisions for you!
We have combined the best for you in one product :)

We can't say exactly how much money you spend annually on your mascara, your eyelash serum, let alone your eyelash extensions, but we can promise you one thing: MAGLashes is not only the safest, but also the cheapest option for perfect lashes.

I've been wearing my MAGLashes every day for 4 months now and they still look like the first day.

Your pair of MAGLashes for a total of 24.95€ to 39.95€ - a fair price was especially important to us.


Your MAGLashes are handmade with the greatest amount of care. Fine synthetic eyelashes (vegan models) or high-quality mink hairs (genuine hair models) are individually attached to a thin and flexible, but very strong cotton band. Then the small magnets are attached to the outer ends. 

We deliberately made the lower mini magnets with less hair - this gives your MAGLashes that special natural look.

Beauty is natural.