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Starterset - Berry & Zubehör (All-in-one Geschenkidee)

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MAGLashes - Berry
MAGLashes - Berry
MAGLashes - Berry

No longer available


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MAGLashes - MiniMAGs (Ersatzteile)
MAGLashes - MiniMAGs (Ersatzteile)
MAGLashes - MiniMAGs (Ersatzteile)

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MAGLashes - Pinzette
MAGLashes - Pinzette
MAGLashes - Pinzette

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MAGLashes - Wimpernbürste
MAGLashes - Wimpernbürste
MAGLashes - Wimpernbürste

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Product number: 107M
Product information "Starterset - Berry & Zubehör (All-in-one Geschenkidee)"

You're afraid you'll lose one of the little magnets? Don't worry, this set won't let you down ♥



eyelash line - 2.6 cm

Longest lashes - 1.0 cm (outside)
Shortest lash - 0,8cm (inside)

Type - Doll eye Style
The shortest model we have currently.

One full eyelash line & two MiniMAGs per eye
Nude is a completely vegan (synthetic) MAGLashes version.
Nude is our shortest model. Nude is naturally dense and provides a subtle, very light look.

The average shelf life of the vegan/synthetic versions consists of at least 100 feedbacks and is about 2 months. This means that they can last a little longer or even less if handled correctly!
As always it depends on the gentle handling and the right care! For our part, there is no guarantee for a certain durability/lifetime, because we can never really understand how and how often the MAGs were worn; we do not know how they were actually treated, cleaned or stored. Please have a look at all our tips and take them to heart :)


Mini MAGs - set of 8

Magnet Spare Parts

The small counter magnets are sometimes lost from the face of the earth.
They often disappear in the drain when practicing over the sink, in a fluffy carpet or or or...
In this box you get 8 small replacement magnets and you are on the safe side :)


♥ very skin-friendly

♥ natural course of the lashes from short to long

♥ firm hold in wind & weather

♥ easy to remove - without removing make-up

♥ high wearing comfort - hardly noticeable

♥ flexible lash band for a perfect fit on the eyelid


As with all important things in life, the same applies to the MAGLashes: Practice makes perfect :)
With every day you will find it easier to apply your MAGLashes - until they become your daily routine.


*The lashes may visually differ slightly from the pictures. Since everything is handmade, the lashes are never 100% identical. Each variation can look different on each eye.

Properties "Starterset - Berry & Zubehör (All-in-one Geschenkidee)"
Look: Natürlich
Style: Cateye

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