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MAGLashes - Beauty ! B-goods !

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MAGLashes BEAUTY with small production errors - almost 50% reduced! Not flawlessly perfect,... more

MAGLashes BEAUTY with small production errors - almost 50% reduced!
Not flawlessly perfect, yet your usual MAGLashes quality.


As our team had to grow fast and our lashes are all handmade, especially at the beginning small mistakes happen.

We have small blends, gaps and length differences in the B-goods, but you still get the MAGLashes quality you are used to.
On the pictures you can see some examples where we have marked some production errors. The lashes can look a little bit different or have different flaws, the pictures are just an example, so you can get an approximate idea :)

B-goods are excluded from exchange! You have no right of withdrawal! No return possible!


B-goods are like a little surprise egg, because you don't know exactly which mistake you'll get in each package.

1. your B-goods-BEAUTYs might be a little bit cut, so they are shorter than normal inside. So, you could have a light Cat eye style.
2. your B-goods BEAUTYs might be a little shorter than the normal BEAUTYs (15mm).
3. your B-goods BEAUTYs might occasionally have curly or protruding hair (easy to pull out).
4. your B-goods-BEAUTYs could have small to medium sized gaps.
5. your B-goods BEAUTYs are not flawless, but still beautiful and we only send the pairs that we would wear ourselves.

Lash line - 2.7 cm
eyelashes - max. 1.5 cm (at the longest point), the B-goods tend to be shorter
You get two complete lash lines & two MiniMAGs per eye
BEAUTY is the very first MAGLashes variant. It is very long with a normal length of 15mm, but quite natural in density.
If 15mm is too long for you, you can have a look at the shorter version "Beauty Nr2" - there are also B-goods available.
Beauty is normally known for the beautiful dolly shape; this is not guaranteed here! It will be the case that your B-goods will have a light cat eye style, i.e. a little shorter inside than outside.


♥ very skin-friendly

♥ natural course of the lashes from short to long

♥ firm hold in wind & weather

♥ easy to remove - without removing make-up

♥ high wearing comfort - hardly noticeable

♥ flexible lash band for a perfect fit on the eyelid


As with all important things in life, the same applies to MAGLashes: Practice makes perfect.
With each day you will find it easier to apply your MAGLashes - until they become your daily routine.
These MAGLashes consist of a dyed cotton band, genuine hair (mink) and of course magnets.

B-goods cannot be exchanged! You have no right of withdrawal! No return possible!

*The eyelashes can optically differ slightly from the pictures. Since everything is handmade, the eyelashes are never 100% identical. Every variation can look different on every eye.

We accept claims about defective or damaged goods up to 30 days after receipt of the goods. The eyelashes must not have been cut, dyed or otherwise damaged by you. Unfortunately, we cannot accept later complaints, because after such a period of time we can no longer trace how the goods were treated/stored and whether the goods really had a product defect at delivery.
We therefore ask you to check the goods immediately after receipt and to contact us as soon as possible in case you encounter any problems :)
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