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MAGLashes ® - the original

MAGLashes® is the new, revolutionary way of eyelash extension - developed by women for women.

The well-known original product from Berlin stands for passion and highest quality!

What are MAGLashes / what are magnetic eyelashes?

MAGLashes - MAG stands for "magnet" or "magnetic" and, of course, lashes. As the name suggests, MAGLashes are artificial eyelashes that are attached to your eyelash line with the help of magnets. Yes, with magnets - without any glue that could stick, irritate or damage the eyes.

The MAGLashes consist of two artificial magnetic eyelash lines - one lash line per eye - and two corresponding counter magnets "MiniMAGs". At both ends of the MAGLashes eyelash line are magnets, which hold the extensions in place and provide a secure hold. There are two magnets on both MAGLashes eyelash lines - one at each end. To each of these magnets there is a counter magnet, the so-called "MiniMAG". The MAGLashes eyelash curl is placed on your own eyelash line (i.e. on your natural eyelashes); then a MiniMAG is brought up from below so that the magnets attract each other - your own natural eyelashes are enclosed like in a sandwich.

We recommend that you take a closer look at the MAGLashes principle under Application & Care.

The company and the origin of MAGLashes

Behind this wonderful new technique of lash extension and lash thickening is a female power duo. Out of own necessity the idea of eyelash extension without harmful glue or hours of fiddling around with artificial eyelashes was born. A permanent, simple solution for beautiful, long, curled lashes.

We, the founders of MAGLashes®, know from our own experience the problem of conventional eyelash extensions. Again, and again they have to be filled up and often look great for only a few days. In addition, your own eyelashes often suffer greatly from treatment with the chemical adhesive. Many women even have allergic reactions to the eyelash adhesive - their own eyelashes fall out, break off and their eyes are red, irritated or even swollen. A vicious circle begins.

As founders, we were looking for a beautiful, but above all, a healthy alternative ourselves: the MAGLashes were born.

We present the MAGLashes technology via Instagram and Facebook, but also at trade fairs and events.

You are welcome to read more about us, the origins and our personal history behind MAGLashes.

Is additional make-up a must?

You can, but you don't have to use additional makeup!

To enhance the effect of the magnetic lashes, other cosmetic products such as eyeliner, eye shadow or mascara can be used. Your MAGLashes can be the icing on the cake of your glamorous evening make-up or they can be the little accessory of your natural look. You can wear them completely without make-up, like a simple but ingenious eyelash extension or they complete your individual make-up look.  Depending on which MAGLashes model you choose, natural or more dramatic - you have the possibility to switch between the variants every day, you can choose your look according to your mood!

Thanks to the black cotton eyelash line, it always looks as if you have already drawn a discreet eyeliner line - just a precise, very fine eyelash thickening without having to pull out the eyeliner yourself.

If you would like to wear mascara, draw a thicker eye line or apply eye shadow, it is always important to do this BEFORE applying the MAGLashes.

More information can be found in our FAQs and here you can find more tips and tricks.

The correct care and storage of MAGLashes

For storage there is a special storage box for all MAGLashes, in which the lashes should be stored most of the time. It is also recommended to always store the MAGs in a dry, cool place, as moisture and heat could damage them. If your MAGs are brand new, so the band is still very stiff, you can start by placing them on a round surface for "shaping" so that they maintain the shape you get by gently pre-bending them. 

For tips and ideas on how to do this, you can find them HERE or check out our Instagram highlights.

After using additional products such as mascara or eyeliner, the MAGLashes should be carefully cleaned with a slightly moist cotton swab from time to time or as needed. Lukewarm water or make-up remover can be used for this purpose. Please pay attention to all instructions under Application & Care!

It is recommended to spray the lashes with a skin-friendly disinfectant from a distance of approx. 20 centimeters approximately every two to four weeks. Before the MAGLashes are put back into the box, they must be completely dry, otherwise the moisture would remain in the box. 

Tips and ideas can be found HERE or in our Instagram highlights.

Advantages of magnetic lashes

  • MAGlashes combine beautiful, curved and healthy lashes in one product - without chemicals and without glue that could damage the eyes, lashes or skin.
  • MAGLashes is the perfect and healthy alternative to eyelash extensions, eyelash lifts, an eyelash curl or simply to traditional mascara.
  • MAGLashes makes your eyelashes pimp up and gives you a great expression.
  • MAGLashes can save you a lot of time and money. With a little practice and patience, you'll get the hang of it in no time at all - the magnetic lashes will fit your eyes perfectly within seconds.
  • No expensive, time-consuming sessions to fill up the lash extensions in the beauty salon - with proper care, the MAGLashes will fit and will last up to several months!
  • No time-consuming removal of make-up in the evening is necessary. The eyelashes are removed with short movements.
  • MAGLashes offer you the desired flexibility! You can choose a different style every day or even leave the lashes off completely if you don't feel like wearing perfect lashes. 
  • Comfortable to wear - After a short period of getting used to, you will hardly or not at all feel the magnetic lashes on your eyes. Choose the right version with the right length and volume of lashes - what suits you, your eye shape and your personal lash thickness? Are your natural lashes pre-treated or not? You can find tips HERE.
  • In rain or wind, the MAGLashes hold perfectly and are kind to the skin. 
  • MAGLashes are handmade from high quality material.
  • MAGLashes can last for several months, depending on the variant, handling, care and storage of course. You can find more information about this individually under each article or here in our FAQs.

Different models and variations

  • Not every eye is the same and not every model suits every woman or every look. No problem - MAGLashes are available in different variations and looks. You can find a detailed list of variants with corresponding recommendations for your eye type in our variant finder
  • MAGLashes Black: are perfect for a voluminous, full cat eye look
  • MAGLashes Honey: also ideal for the cat eye look and particularly suitable for smaller eyes, as the lashes and eyelash line are 2 millimeters shorter than in other variants
  • MAGLashes Beauty: for the perfect doll-eye look
  • MAGLashes Beauty No. 2: the shorter version of the MAGLashes Beauty has a natural length and is also particularly suitable for the doll-eye look
  • MAGLashes Berry: the vegan variant is well suited for a light cat eye look, this variant is even a little shorter than the honey variant, gives a dense, full eye-opening
  • MAGLashes Nude: also, vegan and our most natural and lightest version
  • MiniMAGS: the little MiniMAGS are gone? No problem, even spare parts and sets are included in the variety of MAGLashes.

How and where can I buy MAGLashes?

You can find the great variety of MAGLashes eyelashes here.
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