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If you are feeling nervous and desperate during the application, because the lashes do not fit perfectly to the lash line, the MiniMAG just won't hold and you are on the verge of a nervous breakdown... Then you are in the right place. Take a look at all the tips in peace and quiet, they have helped us and many other women.

#1 If your MAGs are brand new, they are relatively stiff...
The cotton band is quite stiff and not yet ideally adapted to your eye. The softer the cotton band, the better it can fit to your eyelash line and adapts perfectly to the shape of your eyes. So, bend it beautifully in shape, attach the lashes to a round object if necessary, to keep the shape and very important: Wear them in! Wear the lashes a few times for a longer period of time and they will adapt perfectly to your eyes.
#2 Since most tweezers are magnetic, the attachment can be a bit more difficult for some.
Especially as a MAGLashes beginner the magnetic MiniMAGs often "stick" to the magnetic tweezers. Therefore, we recommend using non-magnetic tweezers. You can find such a tweezer for example in our online shop: MAGLashes - Tweezers. Alternatively, you can try to grip the MiniMAGs with your regular (magnetic) tweezers on the very outside of the lashes, far away from the magnet. With a little practice this works very well too!
#3 Getting the MAGLashes nice and close to your own eyelid is the supreme discipline.
Practice does make perfect here! The lash band must be nicely curved and already a little soft. You can start inside or outside with the first MiniMAG - try both options. When the first MiniMAG is in place, pull the lash band over to the other side with really good tension. Then press the eyelash line there with one finger, at the place where it should ideally lie. Now you can move the second MiniMAG towards you without the magnets attracting each other, because you hold the lash band in the ideal position. Nothing slips and everything lies close to your own eyelash line.
#4 Find your very own method...
We will give you all the tips and tricks that have already helped us and many women, but in the end, everyone will find the perfect grip and the ideal order for themselves. Many women find it helpful to position the MiniMAG under their own eyelash line and then put their main lashes on top. In other words, completely the other way round, as we do it for example. Try it out, maybe this is exactly the right method for you :)
#5 If you ever lose a MiniMAG...
You can either use a magnet to slide along the floor to attract the lost MiniMAG... or a nylon stocking which you put over the neck of your vacuum cleaner. This way you can vacuum the apartment and the lost MiniMAG will stick to the nylon stocking. Sometimes such a MiniMAG hides on the magnetic closure of the MAGLashes box, hangs on another eyelash, on another MiniMAG or sticks to a magnetic hairspray can, your magnetic door handle or a magnetic hinge in your bathroom... it happens :) If the MiniMAG doesn't show up anymore, you can of course buy spare parts if necessary, see our section: MiniMAGs spare parts.
#6 We receive many messages from women who have very thin/weak/partially broken eyelashes...
they are concerned that the MAGLashes might not have a good grip. That may well be, yes. In this case we recommend that you pre-treat your own lashes with some mascara - this will make the natural lashes thicker/ more stable and the magnet has a better hold, it can grip better. If you do not like black mascara, you can also use transparent mascara, which additionally nourishes the lashes :) This tip helps until your own lashes have recovered and are in a better condition. After that you don't need mascara anymore. ... Many women, who have had e.g. eyelash extensions before, often come to us with this question. After a few weeks or a few months, the natural eyelashes usually recover.
#7 The MAGLashes have a nice curl, but the natural eyelashes don't...
In that case, you can also use our Gel Mascara for your natural lashes to give them a little pep. If that is not enough, you can gently bend the natural lashes with an eyelash curler, so they melt into the MAGLashes lash shape. Some naturally have very straight lashes and some have no curl of their own due to lash extension (temporarily).
#8 Mascara is also a good tip for very fair lashes.
All MAGLashes are black, for very light skin types this can be annoying if your own very light lashes show up/glisten a bit. If it does bother you can tint your own lashes with black mascara, or you can tint your natural lashes permanently. But many women don't mind it either, many don't even notice it, even if they have very fair natural lashes :) Our gel mascara provides a little more curl, so the transition from natural lashes to MAGLashes is also beautifully concealed.
#9 If the lash line length is not ideal...
We are working on offering every variant in every lash line length, but even if a few millimeters are missing, you can always cover them with an eyeliner. Make it very light or a bit stronger, as you like, and you won't notice it anymore. Alternatively, try placing the MAGLashes further in, maybe that will help. A little mascara can also optimize the result by applying your own lashes on the inside and/or outside, the transition to the MAGs is perfectly concealed. Tips to find your perfect lash line length can be found here.


#1 Your MAGs can be sensitive to humidity and high temperatures!
Therefore, always and whenever possible, store your MAGLashes in a cool and dry place. Avoid e.g. sauna or swimming. The MAGs have already passed many endurance tests, but don't exhaust all limits if possible. Note that the synthetic models are often even more sensitive than the genuine hair models. But the lashes of the genuine hair models react e.g. faster to heat or moisture - the lashes could curl, just as your hair can react fast to moisture. Already happened? Then check the DO's above for tips or our Instagram highlights.
#2 Take your MAGs off when you go to bed, otherwise they'll bend!
If you lie down on the MAGLashes while sleeping, they could bend a lot and might not be salvaged. If you move around a lot in your sleep or touch your face a lot, it could also be dangerous by rubbing the MiniMAGs in your eye.
#3 Take off your MAGs before taking a shower!
As already mentioned, lashes are sensitive to moisture, so please always take them off when showering, swimming or diving. Also, when cleaning - use water very sparingly.
#4 Attach your MAGs correctly and remove them carefully.
Under no circumstances should you simply pull the MAGs off your lashes - this will not only damage the MAGs but also your natural lashes. By gently pushing the magnets apart, you protect your MAGs and your own eyelashes. Please note our instructions for correct application!
#5 We do not recommend cutting the MAGs yourself.
By cutting off the fine tips of the eyelashes, the MAGs can suddenly look very dull and therefore very unnatural.
#6 Hold the MAGs properly!
It is best to always grip the MAGs at the side of the band, for example when taking them out of the box. Please NEVER pull in the middle of the band or the eyelashes, because they are braided into the fine cotton band and could come out more easily if you pull too roughly.