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MAGLashes - Gel Mascara

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Your MAGLashes Gel Mascara. The new, transparent gel mascara nourishes and strengthens your... more

Your MAGLashes Gel Mascara.

The new, transparent gel mascara nourishes and strengthens your eyelashes.

Nourishes and strengthens your lashes, hormone-free.
Dermatologically tested.
Ophthalmologically tested.

Length: 10,5 cm
Color: white (matt) & rose gold
Volume: approx. 8ml

Especially suitable for very weak, thin and broken eyelashes. The gel thickens your own lashes and stabilizes them, thus the magnet of your MAGLashes can grip and hold even better. The mascara also brings a little more curl to your natural lashes and perfectly conceals the transition from natural lashes to MAGLashes. We recommend applying MAGLashes Gel Mascara as a base under your MAGLashes, especially if your own lashes are very straight / flat, and also, if your own eyelashes need some stability, as is often the case after wearing eyelash extensions for a long time. No more black crumbs from a conventional mascara, and the MAGs are protected due to the special texture and the wearing experience is even more secure.

This product was manufactured in Italy and is not tested on animals.

You can download more product information and ingredients in the PDF below this item.

We accept claims about defective or damaged goods up to 30 days after receipt of the goods. The eyelashes must not have been cut, dyed or otherwise damaged by you. Unfortunately, we cannot accept later complaints, because after such a period of time we can no longer trace how the goods were treated/stored and whether the goods really had a product defect at delivery.
We therefore ask you to check the goods immediately after receipt and to contact us as soon as possible in case you encounter any problems :)
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