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MAGLashes - Pinzette


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Product information "MAGLashes - Pinzette"

Your MAGLashes tweezers.


One of our non-magnetic tweezers - for you.
The tweezers you usually have at home anyway are usually magnetic in almost all cases!
This can be a bit trickier for some of you to get started, because the magnetic MiniMAGs then often stick to the standard magnetic tweezers. Therefore, these non-magnetic MAGLashes tweezers are ideal for MAG beginners, for those who still have difficulties with normal tweezers or for those who simply prefer to use plastic tweezers.

The tweezers have a 3mm wide tip to grip the MiniMAGs perfectly. Due to the light material and the round/plate-shaped tip, the application on the eye is more comfortable and safer for everyone. In contrast to normal metal tweezers, the fine lashes of the MiniMAGs are protected - they break off much less quickly with regular gripping and therefore last longer. 


They are a little more robust than other plastic tweezers, but you should not apply too much pressure on them.
Please handle it carefully and especially when travelling, remember to transport it only protected - to ensure a long durability of the tweezers :)

Material: plastic
Length: 12,00 cm
Tip: 0,03 cm wide
Color: white, pink Logo

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