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MAGLashes - Berry

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Eyelash line length:

You can choose between 2 sizes in this variation. Short eyelash line for small eyes (S) and average length for "normal sized" eyes (M). TIPS to measure your ideal lash line length, you can find on the website under "Variant finder" --> "Lash line length". Usually the size M (2,7cm) fits.

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Eyelash line - 2.7 cm (NEW: Now also available in S - 2,4cm) Longest lashes - 1.2 cm... more

Eyelash line - 2.7 cm (NEW: Now also available in S - 2,4cm)

Longest lashes - 1.2 cm (outside)
Shortest lash - 0,6 cm (inside)

Type - Cat eye Style
One of the shortest models we currently have.
One full eyelash line & two MiniMAGs per eye


BERRY is our completely vegan (synthetic) MAGLashes version.
It is about 3 mm shorter than BEAUTY and even 1 mm shorter than Honey. Because the curl is set a bit further forward, BERRY actually looks a bit shorter, but still has a nice length for a great eye-opening!
BERRY is relatively full in density, similar in style to Black and has a light cat eye style, similar to our Honey version.

Berry is after the "Nude" version one of the shortest styles we offer at the moment. In density Berry is relatively full.
Since Berry is our (new) first completely synthetic version, we have only been able to finally estimate the durability over the last months with your feedback - they are definitely, as previously estimated and announced, much more sensitive, so you should treat them all the more carefully and lovingly. As always it depends on the gentle handling and the right care!
The average shelf life consists of at least 100 feedbacks and lasts about 2 months. This means that they can last a little longer or even less if handled correctly!

We are currently trying to optimize the durability of BERRY by adding a thicker strap and hope for a better average :)
For our part, there is no guarantee for a certain durability/lifetime, because we can never really understand how and how often the MAGs have been worn; we do not know how they have actually been handled, cleaned or stored. Please have a look at all our tips and take them to heart :)


♥ very skin-friendly

♥ natural course of the lashes from short to long

♥ firm hold in wind & weather

♥ easy removal - without removing make-up

♥ high wearing comfort - hardly noticeable

♥ flexible lash band for a perfect fit on the eyelid


As with all important things in life, the same applies to the MAGLashes: Practice makes perfect :)
With every day you will find it easier to apply your MAGLashes - until they become your daily routine.
These MAGLashes consist of a dyed cotton band, synthetic lashes and of course magnets.


*The eyelashes can optically differ slightly from the pictures. Since everything is handmade, the lashes are never 100% identical. Each variation can look different on each eye.

Style: Cateye
Look: Natürlich
We accept claims about defective or damaged goods up to 30 days after receipt of the goods. The eyelashes must not have been cut, dyed or otherwise damaged by you. Unfortunately, we cannot accept later complaints, because after such a period of time we can no longer trace how the goods were treated/stored and whether the goods really had a product defect at delivery.
We therefore ask you to check the goods immediately after receipt and to contact us as soon as possible in case you encounter any problems :)
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