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MAGLashes - Berry ! B-Ware !


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Eyelash line length
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Product information "MAGLashes - Berry ! B-Ware !"

MAGLashes BERRY with small to bigger production errors - over 50% reduced! (Limited)
Not flawlessly perfect, but still your usual MAGLashes quality.

Since our team had to grow fast and our lashes are all handmade, small mistakes happen, especially in the beginning.
We have some small blends, gaps and differences in length in the B-goods, but you still have the usual MAGLashes quality.
On the pictures you can see some examples where we have marked some production errors. The lashes can look a little bit different or have different flaws, the pictures are just an example, so you can get an approximate picture :)

B-goods are excluded from exchange! You have no right of withdrawal! No return possible!

This B-goods is like a big surprise egg, because you don't know exactly which mistake you will get in this particular package.
1. your B-goods-BERRYs are probably blended and differ strongly from the original "Berry" shape.
2. your B-goods BERRYs can be much longer on the inside than normal, so they have more of the doll eye style (instead of the cat eye look).
3. your B-goods BERRYs might have slight differences in the swing, the swing/curl might be generally a bit flatter than normal.
3. your B-goods-BERRYs might have small to medium gaps.
4. your B-goods-BERRYs are not flawless, especially far away from the original shape, but still beautiful and we only send the pairs we would wear ourselves.


Eyelash line - 2.6 cm

Eyelashes - max. 1.0 - 1.5 cm (at the longest point), the B-goods tend to be much longer.

You get two complete eyelash lines & two MiniMAGs per eye


Like all synthetic models, this article is also very sensitive. Please read all application and care tips on our Website. 
The shelf life of the vegan models is often about 2 months but can be considerably shorter due to a lot of practice, wrong handling, wrong cleaning/care or storage, just because this B-goods already has some minor flaws!


♥ very skin-friendly

♥ natural course of the lashes from short to long

♥ firm hold in wind & weather

♥ easy removal - without removing make-up

♥ high wearing comfort - hardly noticeable

♥ flexible lash band for a perfect fit on the eyelid


As with all important things in life, the same applies to MAGLashes: Practice makes perfect.
With each day you will find it easier to apply your MAGLashes - until they become your daily routine.
These MAGLashes consist of a dyed cotton band, synthetic eyelashes and of course magnets.


B-goods cannot be exchanged! You have no right of withdrawal! No return possible!


*The eyelashes can optically differ slightly from the pictures. Since everything is handmade, the eyelashes are never 100% identical. Every variation can look different on every eye.

Properties "MAGLashes - Berry ! B-Ware !"
Style: Cateye

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