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MAGLashes Beauty & MiniMAGs - Set

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Wimpern-Kranz :

Du kannst bei dieser Variante zwischen 2 Größen auswählen. Durchschnittliche Länge für "normal große" Augen (M) oder ein längerer Kranz für "große Augen" (L). TIPPs, um deine ideale Kranzlänge auszumessen, findest du auf der Website unter "Variantenfinder" --> "Kranzlänge". In der Regel passt die Größe M (2,6 cm bzw 2,7cm).

You're afraid you'll lose one of the little magnets? Don't worry, this set won't let you down ♥... more

You're afraid you'll lose one of the little magnets? Don't worry, this set won't let you down ♥



Eyelash line - 2.7 cm

Eyelashes - 1.5 cm

Type - Doll-Eye

One complete eyelash line & two MiniMAGs per eye

Beauty is very long with 15mm eyelash length.

Mini MAGs - Set of 8

Magnet Spare Parts

The small counter magnets are sometimes lost from the face of the earth.
They often disappear in the drain while practicing above the sink, in a fluffy carpet or or or...
In this box you get 8 small replacement magnets and you are on the safe side :)



♥ very skin-friendly

♥ natural course of the lashes from short to long

♥ firm hold in wind & weather

♥ easy to remove - without removing make-up

♥ high wearing comfort - hardly noticeable

♥ flexible lash band for a perfect fit on the eyelid



As with all important things in life, the same applies to the MAGLashes: Practice makes perfect :)
With every day you will find it easier to apply your MAGLashes - until they become your daily routine.


*The lashes may visually differ slightly from the pictures. Since everything is handmade, the lashes are never 100% identical. Each variation can look different on each eye

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